Hospital 849

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Event Location:
849 6th Ave
849 6th Avenue
New York

About The Event:

Come admit yourself to Hospital 849. Enter the waiting room and wait to be admitted along with other psychiatric patients. Once admitted hospital staff will aid you into the flickering light of the white padded psychiatric ward where you will join the long-term straitjacket psychiatric patients. Wander into the pediatric ward, visit the children suffering from abandoned child syndrome, childhood schizophrenia, and early dementia. 

Converse, dance, and imbibe cocktails at the apothecary & bar with patients in the infirmary, while vodka and wine drips out of their IVs. Explore the X-ray unit and mineral springs with patients and hospital staff. Watch surgeons operate and disembowel patients on projected monitors throughout the operating theater. Cocktails will be served in open bars & music by The Misshapes will drown the hospital atmosphere. The evening leads up to several special performances (tba) in the operating theater after midnight. 

2018-10-31 21:00

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