Touch A Button: Official Gemini Birthday Bash

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Event Location:
Amadeus Nightclub
7951 Albion Avenue

About The Event:



As you get closer to Amadeus, You hear “Turn & Wine” get louder and louder. You can’t wait to get in and dance AND you just got your Summer Shenanigans Tour VIP membership??! BET. Aight so boom, you walk to the door and get past security. Your friend laggin’ behind because he kept saying he ain’t want the membership but you can’t even worry bout that right now cause you just seen a baaaaad shawty with a baaaaaad “twin” friend. As you dancing to “Suge” while the beautiful bottle girls bringing ya bottles out (Heyyyyyyyyy Yenni), you can’t help but think you finally set this summer off right. This first Summer Shenanigans Tour party is a MOVIE and you for damnn sure ain’t missin no sequels!

2019-05-31 22:00

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