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Event Location:
47 Great Jones Street 3rd Floor
New York

About The Event:

On a foggy night in a cemetery, the waves have washed away the land, claiming all the graves except for two. From these graves, two unlikely companions’ voices emerge amidst the sounds of the sea, a military march, and a player piano. They battle with their pasts and contend with what looms just beyond.

Paul Foster’s Balls premiered at Café La MaMa, then at 82 2nd Avenue, on November 3, 1964, and went on to Café Cino, 31 Cornelia Street later that month. The action of the original production consisted of two ping pong balls floating and swaying like pendulums in and out of a spotlight.

Re-imagined in 2019 by CultureHub and the Great Jones Repertory Company, audience members will be laid to rest in their own geodesic dome as an audio-visual installation washes over them.

Balls is part of an initiative between CultureHub and La MaMa to explore works from the La MaMa Archive and re-discover them in a new media context.

The immersive play experience will take approximately 45 minutes and can accommodate two audience members per showing.


Balls is presented by CultureHub in association with La MaMa and the Great Jones Repertory Company

Paul Foster – Playwright
Arthur Adair – Director
Billy Clark – Creative Producer and Set Design
John King – Sound Design
Oren Shoham – Creative Coding
Sangmin Chae – Creative Technologist
DeAndra Anthony – Technical Director
Mattie McMaster – Project Manager

Jon DeVries, Charley Hayward, Billy Clark, Onni Johnson, Yuna Clark, Sara Galassini, John Gutierrez, Valois Mickens, and Chris Wild.

Paul Foster (playwright) is a founding member and the first president of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. He is a recipient of the Guggenheim, Rockefeller, NEA, NY Arts Council, British Arts Council, Theater Heute, Irish Universitis Awards. He has written 22 plays, 6 television scripts, and 5 films. There are nine editions in print of his works by 6 publishers in as many languages. He has been, and continues to be, performed in regionals, Broadway, the West End and just about every major theater on both sides of the Atlantic.

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2019-06-15 16:00

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