Rogue Bites Industry Dinner Party

Rogue Bites Industry Dinner party: Tuesdays at Lamia’s Fish Market

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Event Location:
Lamia’s Fish Market
47 Avenue B
New York

About The Event:

The spirit of old Le Souk is alive & well.  The original legendary LES hotspot has now been reincarnated by its owners as Lamia’s Fish Market.  This Tuesday, July 16, it will be hosting a preview of a new weekly industry dinner party, hosted by the Rogue Nights promotional team.  Owner Marcus Andrew will celebrate his birthday during the actual launch the following Tuesday, July 23.

As the New York Times states, “Lamia Funti has taken an over-the-top approach, in the style of Farallon in San Francisco, to her restaurant’s dining areas. There’s a glittering mermaid amid gilded fish in relief, mirrors that look like barnacles, octopus murals, glowing blue and gold accents, and a marble raw bar. The restaurant’s 175 seats are spread over several rooms on three levels, including a bar, the Octopus Room, a raw bar, the Grotto, the Boat Room and a private dining room.”

Says event planner Ruben Araneta: “Rogue Bites is an events brand I created under my Rogue Nights events brand, focusing on industry-networking, cocktail-dinner events.  I’m excited to host a weekly Tuesday industry dinner through Rogue Bites. Please come & see the beautiful restaurant that is Lamia’s Fish Market. If you were a fan of the old Le Souk, come experience a touch of nostalgia within the reimagined new venue.”

Lamia’s Fish Market is located on 47 Avenue B, New York City.


July 16, 2019 Rogue Bites Tuesdays, Industry dinner, preview party

July 23, 2019 Rogue Bites Tuesdays, Industry dinner, Launch party, featuring Marcus Andrew Birthday celebration




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Dinner RSVPs

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2019-07-16 21:00

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