Sexy At The Roxy Reunion

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Event Location:
Polygon Brooklyn
299 Vandervort Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

About The Event:

The Sexy at the Roxy Reunion Party! 

We are coming together for one night only after 15 years. Sexy at the Roxy was a legendary party and is still talked about on social media and at clubs all over the world to this day. Sexy is regarded as one of the greatest Friday night parties in NYC history. 

You will hear all of the music specific to the party plus music from Tony Drapers Exit parties. You will hear Vocals, Tribal, House to some of the most beautiful trance vocals and craziest Trance tracks that you loved. The music created so much energy that it made the floor in the VIP part of the DJ booth cave in one night! 

Johnny Vicious will be on hand to play the music he produced, remixed and played that became anthems at Sexy. 


  • Johnny Vicious

  • Tony Draper

  • Mad Myles

  • Dominic Capello

  • Frank Pellegrino

  • Frankie Magz

  • Anthony Nero

  • Dj Mike Bugout

  • Lenny M

  • Frankie Magz

  • Danny Boak

  • Chris Lewis

VIP & More Information: call/text/email @ahmadvanallan


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2018-11-24 20:00

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